How we work

Contact and cooperation between people and businesses always results in surplus value. This surplus value can be made up of accepting other people as they are, accepting and appreciating different cultures. It can express itself in unthought-of creativity, in new lines of approach, in sound judgement of shared interests and of course in financial profit.
With this vision we assist people, groups but also businesses. Globalisation blurs international borders, opens up markets, and results in an increase in international trade and international (financial) investment. Businesses seek new consuming markets for their products, decide to shift the manufacture of goods and commodities to other countries or seek partners for cooperation abroad. Between such a plan or decision and its realisation are a number of questions to be answered and problems to be solved: Is there a consuming market for my product? How to enter this market? How do I deal with intercultural differences and diversity? With which partner will I join in with of do I seek cooperation? What about laws and regulations? Which subsidies exist? What about taxes, tax-levies and tax climate? How do I define an application for EU subsidies?
We analyse your plan, map out and execute a plan of action or draft a project proposal. We monitor that the set goals are achieved as soon as possible. Connect Business B.V. is the strategic link between plan and achieving the set result.
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